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Damages to your vehicle resulting from the use of fuels not approved by your vehicle’s manufacturer will not be covered by this guarantee. Furthermore, this guarantee only covers the repair costs to your vehicle
to the extent caused by our fuel. It does not cover consequential damages, such as lost profits, loss of time, rental car, alternative transportation, etc. A legible and detailed invoice must be enclosed with each claim showing the specific fuel-related problems corrected and the costs paid for each repair. Reimbursements will only be made to the customer for the cost of repairs to their vehicle that-

(I) are necessitated by the fuel problem and
(II) are confirmed by a technician holding an A8 certification from the Institute for Automotive Service Excellence to have been caused by the fuel purchased.

Kum and Go reserves the right to have an independent third party assist with the investigation to determine the quality of the technician’s analysis. Both the claimant and technician completing the claim agree to fully and timely cooperate with Kum and Go and/or its third party investigator with any additional information or questions requested regarding the claim. Failure to cooperate in a timely manner will result in the denial of the claim.Furthermore, if such investigation discovers Kum and Go’s fuel is unlikely to have caused the fuel-related complications, the claim will be denied. Fraudulent claims will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Please contact Kum and Go customer service at 888-458-6646 with question's about this form

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